Cooking a delicious and healthy meal can be time-consuming. This is where the convenience of food deliveries, eating out, and smart cooking machines often come in handy. But the On2Cook is a different cooking device altogether as it promises to cut down on cooking time by 50% to 70% and save up to 40% energy.

Operating this futuristic-looking machine seems a daunting task. But it is actually fairly simple to handle as long as you have your food ingredients and arm power on the ready. It uses “Combination Cooking” through induction or stove cooktop and microwave. What it does is cook the food from the bottom and outside using the flame or induction method.

The heat from the microwave then takes care of the top and starts from the inside. Closing the lid activates the microwave element.  The power of these two cooking methods working simultaneously renders a juicy, nutrient-rich, and evenly cooked meal. You get the right amount of browning and moist texture with rich flavors.

The On2Cook even comes with a companion app that helps you decide on what food to cook. It offers a selection of delicious meals with accompanying guides so you can take pride in showing your skills in the kitchen. It even combines the power of an IoT-assisted app for automated cooking. Probably the only drawback is its size. It’s a rather large device so it needs its own space on the countertop. But this also means you get to cook for a large group or family. 

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Images courtesy of On2Cook