DrinkingMaker is a revolutionary 3-in-1 water dispenser that transforms how we access water. It captures moisture in the air and converts that into pure, nutrient-rich drinking water using cutting-edge AquaFetch+ technology. 

A simple press of a button and you get refreshing water daily. The  AquaFetch+ technology utilizes advanced graphene material to capture air moisture efficiently, achieving the production of 19L of water daily (equivalent to 95 cups of 200ml water or 38 bottles of 500ml mineral water). 

Water captured by DrinkingMaker goes through a 6-stage filtration process starting with a PP Cotton Filter, which removes sediments, eggs, rust, and small particles of impurities. Then it goes through an activated carbon filter to eliminate odors, residual pesticides, chlorine, and other harmful substances, followed by a Fiber Filter to remove residual chlorine in the water.

The fifth is Super Filter which removes antibiotics, viruses, and bacteria for deep purification and then the water goes through another activated carbon fiber filter to remove odor and improve taste. The last process is the UV Purification, which removes 99.9% of germs to ensure a clean and safe drinking water every time. You can also add certain healthy minerals to the water upon request.

DrinkingMaker ensures daily sterilization cycle 72 times, every 20 minutes, to guarantee water consumed is healthy and free of 99.99% of airborne contaminants. Aside from room temperature water, this dispenser also produces cold water in just two minutes. Moreover, thanks to its AirTure technology, it also purifies the air by removing 99.97% if pollen, bacteria, and harmful particles using HEPA PM2.5 filtration. It also serves as a dehumidifier that reduces humidity levels  from 80% to 60% in just 1.5 hours (up to 790ml of dehumidification per hour) and is solar-charging compatible for outdoor use.

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Images courtesy of DrinkingMaker