Industrial designer Adrian Perez came up with an oven design that lets you bake over a stove or any open flame, making it very versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Called the Ember, it comes in a sleek and monolithic design offering modern features including a built-in thermometer which you can view from the side and app-connectivity.

Perez says this cooking tool is inspired by its namesake, or the “small pieces that preserve the spirit of fire and have the power to rekindle it.” He specifically designed it to facilitate baking in small kitchens. It comes with multiple accessories for each type of preparation.

It has a shelf, a multi-purpose tray and a tray for cupcakes, as well as a refractory container. It even has a dedicated mobile app that lets you monitor the thermometer and check on baking recipes using your phone. Ember is also designed to be user friendly even for the most novice of bakers.

Thanks to its small and compact size, it bakes faster and in suitable portions than regular built-in ovens. Simply fill the container with your needed baking tray and close the glass lid. It has a heat distribution system that allows for even baking. The heat from the flame passes through the channels on the bottom of the oven, then through its corners and up to the top, from where it then bounces back from the lid to bake the food nicely from the top.

Likewise, the heat also enters the oven from the middle for even baking from the bottom. It also features air outlets that releases pressure and consecutively the handle after baking. The Ember oven comes in food-inspired color schemes including Strawberry Quarts, Cherry Tomato, and Salmon.

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Images courtesy of Adrian Perez/Behance