Nendo wants you to get the most out of your glass of beer. It’s been awhile since they brought a game-changer in the draft beer-drinking game from the release of the Foam Can, which aims to achieve the “golden ratio” of beer to foam by using two pull tabs in a can of beer instead of one. This time, Nendo’s Perfect 3Way glass features three different sides designed to enrich the aroma and flavor of the Sapporo draft beer for its KURO LABEL variant. 

KURO LABEL is known for its multiple distinct flavor profiles that takes your palate through a journey of complex flavors and pleasures in one drink. It starts with the “first sip”, the “middle”, and ends with the “last sip”.  This glass has three different mouthfeels to maximize the richness and aroma of the beer: the front and back features a typical straight side and the left side dips into a curve while the right protrudes into a bulbous shape to create an asymmetrical figure.

Drinking from the right side of Nendo’s Perfect 3Way Glass, the beer trickles down the center of the tongue and goes straight to the back of the mouth for a crisp refreshing finish. Meanwhile, rotating the glass to drink from the dipped curvaceous side allows the bulb on the top to fully capture the aroma and for the wide rim to fill your mouth with a mellow, rich aroma and bouquet of liquid. 

Lastly, drinking from the bulbous side allows the beer to instantly hit the middle of the tongue, giving the intuition to control the amount consumed beer in a mouthful. This way, ensuring a full appreciation of the rich flavors. 

Nendo’s Perfect 3Way Glass essentially emphasizes the changes in the flavor of beer with its three distinct mouthfeels. It offers a way to savor varied experiences within a single glass. 

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Images courtesy of Nendo