Do you enjoy a cup of coffee? If so, do you brew one at home or just pick one up on the way out? These days, it’s all about convenience as people would rather have more time to commute to work or for productivity. However, some of us prefer to go through the routine. Nothing beats freshly ground coffee beans, which is why grinders like the Swan from La Marzocco exist.

The reality is, that it takes years of training and practice to become a professional barista. Given there are plenty of ways to prepare a cup of jitter juice, experts all agree the size of the coffee ground matters. Any discerning drinker will tell you it’s all about extraction and the quality of the grinder can make or break your brew.

Firstly, La Marzocco is already held in high regard courtesy of its stellar lineup of premium espresso machines for the home and shops. It would be a shame if the Swan failed to perform to the standards expected from the manufacturer. As such, here are the bells and whistles this SKU brings to the kitchen or café.

Aesthetically, it flaunts a geometric metal-clad body that would fit any contemporary decor. The Swan measures 21.3″ x 9.1″ x 18.8″ (HxWxD) and weighs a slightly hefty 55.1 lbs. To aid in its precision, we have an 83 mm conical burr designed in-house by La Marzocco. It can store up to 3.75 lbs. of roasted coffee beans in the hopper.

To ensure the heat generated by the motor and conical burrs does not become a factor, the Swan is equipped with a belt-drive system. Along with the efficient burr design, it can crush coffee beans into fine powder in 10 revolutions only. Capacitive sensors also automatically detect when the portafilter is attached to begin grinding.

“The Swan’s patented anti-static technology uses an electric field to neutralize the
static charge generated by grinding. This allows for coffee to fall directly from the
burrs into the portafilter without any clumping or stray grounds creating messy
countertops, while minimizing retention and waste when changing the grind size,” writes La Marzocco. 

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Images courtesy La Marzocco