On’s CloudTrax is a reliable pair of hiking boots that can take you from paved roads to uneven paths in comfort. It features grippy soles to keep you on your feet and sock-like liners that feel like a second skin. 

These shoes come with uppers made from 15% polyester and 85% recycled polyester that is breathable and water-resistant for on-trail performance. They also make this a versatile pair that looks great as casual wear. Meanwhile, the midsoles are made with the brand’s innovative CloudTec, which revolutionized the running game for triathletes around the globe. It provides the perfect balance of support and comfort so you can be sure every step is secure.

Moreover, the midsoles feature Speedboard technology that provides great energy return with each step. It stores and releases energy to propel you forward and farther than your desired destination. On’s CloudTrax also features Missiongrip outsoles that deliver stable and reliable traction in a variety of weather conditions. So you can take that sudden urge to go on a hike even under a downpour or feel safe when the weather suddenly turns its ugly head while you’re outdoors. 

Of course, toecaps that are robust and hard-as-nails help protect your feet from those accidental bumps on rocks, roots, and anything else that you encounter. Then an intuitive speed-lacing system lets you easily and quickly wear your shoes. The system cinches and locks in with just one pull so you can start pounding the tracks right away. 

On’s CloudTrax hiking boots are also lightweight at just 15.17 ounces so they are not a burden on your feet. Plus they look good too both on and off the trail. 

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Images courtesy of On