The Omnicharge Omni Ultimate power bank can charge all types of tech devices while on the go. This portable power supply boasts a massive 40, 300 mAH battery capacity and four different output ports.

This power bank has a DC out port with an output power of 150W and an adjustable voltage and amperage. It also provides juice to laptops, drones, and even small home appliances with its built-in AC outlet and powers up smartphones and other mobile devices through dual QC 3.0 compatible USB-A ports and the bidirectional USB-C port. The USB-C port, which can also accept input power from most USB-C chargers, has a power output of up to 60W and each of the USB-A ports up to 5V/3A.

the Omnicharge Omni Ultimate supports simultaneous device charging and does so in less than three hours. It also only takes over two hours to replenish its stored energy.

Moreover, it offers versatility in recharging. It can charge through a car, AC, or MacBook charger or through a compatible solar panel. The batteries are removable so you can replace them once depleted.

Finally, the Omnicharge Omni Ultimate is water and dust resistant so it is ideal to bring in any outdoor adventure. It is also TSA-compliant, which means you can bring it with you in any of your travels and it doesn’t raise a red flag with security.

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Photos Courtesy of Omnicharge