As a company, when you have a winning formula, what would you do? The obvious answer would be to double down on production and marketing to really rake in the dough, right? OMEGA knows it has a hit on its hands with the MoonSwatch collection. Hence, collectors are eager to snap up whatever drops next, which is the Mission To The Moonphase – New Moon.

It’s awesome of OMEGA to quickly follow up with another striking iteration of the insanely popular silhouette. Just recently, the watchmaker launched the Mission To The Moonphase chronograph which featured the iconic cartoon beagle Snoopy. The timepiece was rendered in a stunning all-white colorway and quickly generated a lot of buzz.

Striking while the iron is still hot, fans of the Peanuts franchise are in for another treat. Charlie Brown’s canine companion is front and center once more on the Mission To The Moonphase – New Moon. This new entry caters to folks who prefer an all-black motif and we can confirm it delivers beyond expectations.

Just like its whiteout cousin, the black bioceramic case measures 42 mm x 13.75 mm, with a lug-to-lug distance listed at 47.30 mm. For an even stealthier aesthetic, OMEGA went with a matte finish. The underside of the Mission To The Moonphase – New Moon is completely dark save for the printed illustration of Earth’s only natural satellite in white with a black paw mark.

All indications are in white for visibility against the void-like backdrop. These include the tachymeter scale on the bezel, minute track, signatures, hour markers, and hands. Meanwhile, the moon phase sub-dial depicts Snoopy cradled by the moon and cleverly includes a hidden message printed in lume. 

OMEGA equips the Mission To The Moonphase – New Moon with a meca-quartz chronograph movement. Finally, we have a black VELCRO strap closure. Reference SO33B700 should be available in selected boutiques now and every customer is limited to one example only.

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Images courtesy of OMEGA/Swatch