For the average person, shopping for a new timepiece is pretty straightforward. It’s just a matter of choosing a model from a reputable brand that they find personally appealing. There’s nothing wrong with this as what truly matters is that the watch suits your tastes. However, the rest who are more discerning will find OMEGA’s new Constellation references extremely special.

Catering to both gents and ladies, the lineup is varied enough in our opinion. Nevertheless, let’s focus on the silhouettes designed for larger wrists. There are five in total tagged as,,,, and

The first three listed are rendered in steel, while the latter two are crafted out of Sedna Gold and Moonshine Gold respectively. Buyers always appreciate options, which OMEGA gladly caters to with the 2024 Constellation lineup. Each measures 41 mm x 13.4 mm and comes with a matching bracelet for classy cosmetic cohesiveness.

Now, what makes these dress watches stand out is the extraterrestrial component that figures in their construction. “Each unique dial is created from an ancient piece of meteorite,” writes OMEGA, which implies every example built is a veritable one-off in a sense.

Specifically, the Muonionalusta meteorite in use was sourced from the fine octahedrite that impacted northern Scandinavia. The watchmaker then PVD coats or galvanic treats these dials to achieve the hues we see here. At the core of every Constellation is an OMEGA 8900 self-winding caliber with a 60-hour power reserve.

“Since 1952, the OMEGA Constellation has been inspired by the precise movement of the stars. For this special model, that stellar theme is taken one step further, with the introduction of a captivating meteorite dial,” reads the official description. Other notable materials used are ceramic, grade 5 titanium, liquid metal, and sapphire.

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Images courtesy of OMEGA