OLIGHT has always strived to deliver “cutting-edge illumination tools” to the public with its collection of powerful LED lights. But in this case, the company has shifted to another valuable EDC: a pen called O’Pen Mini.

The OLIGHt O’Pen Mini is a short bolt-action ballpoint pen that’s very compact. It can easily slip into your shirt pocket. It’s easy to conceal at just 3.66 inches long but provides just the right amount of grip space in its aluminum alloy body.

Speaking of the body, the O’Pen Mini is designed for many uses. It is not only tough but also wear-resistant. The body features finely machined hollow rifling grooves for a comfortable and secure grip. The grooves also add a dynamic and stylish aesthetic.

This EDC is smooth to write using a customized refill with REMEC stainless steel tip that results in smooth writing and fewer ink blots. One pen refill comes pre-installed in the pen and doesn’t run out of ink until it reaches 800 meters of lines.

Moreover, the L-type bolt-action design offers a quick method to release or hide the tip. It intuitively pops out or retracts the tip using the thumb. This design also easily makes for a fun fidget toy and importantly, prevents unwanted misfires.

The OLIGHT O’Pen Mini is made even more portable with the addition of a pocket clip. This way, you can attach it to a notebook, the pocket of your jeans or shirt, a backpack strap, and more when you’re done writing. It is available in blue, black, OD green, orange, and purple colors.

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Images courtesy of OLIGHT