Great things come in small packages, as the saying goes. Such is the case with the aptly named Olight Marauder Mini Flashlight, which blasts an amazing 7000 lumens from its compact aluminum alloy shell. 

A max 7k lumens output is very bright and we mean blinding bright, especially considering that it comes from a small torch that’s just 5″ long, 1.73″ wide, and weighs only 16 oz. Plus, it offers both flood and throw dual-beam LED lights (max throw 1968ft/600m), making it a great tool not just for outdoor adventures, but also for emergency situations (search and rescue) or for “marauding.” 

The Olight Marauder Mini Flashlight features nine LEDs in the center, which gives the option of cycling between 200 to 7000 brightness levels. There are three RGB color LEDs uniformly distributed around the converging lens. A toggle switch in the middle lets you select either spotlight or floodlight, while the intuitive upper rotary knob lets you adjust the brightness levels.

Indicators surrounding the knob lets you see the brightness level on the left and the battery level on the right. Meanwhile, the bottom level is the color indicator of the lights. Moreover, this handheld torch provides a more comfortable and stable grip with its 270-degree silicone-wrapped body.

The Olight Marauder Mini Flashlight also features a built-in thermal sensor and cooling fins to help dissipate heat.  It is IPx8-rated waterproof to withstand the outdoors and comes with a hidden lanyard hole for enhanced portability. This torch boasts a max 43.5-hour runtime from its custom 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery. 

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Images courtesy of Olight