When you’re running late to catch a plane, to gardening classes, or to an important meeting, having wheels attached to your feet can definitely help!

Sustainable urban mobility was the main thing a team of people from Slovenia thought of when they developed the OLAF Scooters ($185.00): the Business and Urban models. They are a combination of a backpack (or suitcase), scooter, trolley, and a skate. The Urban model is designed for cruising around the city, while the Business model is made for the business traveler always on the move.

Both versions have a responsive steering system, a rear wheel brake for easy stopping and the ability to handle up to 220 lbs. You can also attach your own backpack/luggage on the Urban model if you want to. The OLAF Scooters are expected to come out in January of 2015 and they already have a large crowd of fans. We can see why!

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