The purchase of luxury ships is a huge trend among the rich. If you’re here for tips on what to get, we’ll more than happy to make suggestions. If none of the yachts on our pages strike your fancy, perhaps something truly unique is in order. Thankfully, Timur Bozca just might have something up your alley. Behold the OK!

We’re still a couple of months away from April 1st, so this is definitely not a joke. The Turkish designer gets to revamp a semi-submersible heavy lift vessel. Originally christened the Super Servant 3 in 1982 by Oshima Shipbuilding, it’s rejuvenated into a floating island of sorts.

Gone are the days of only transporting yachts across the seas, as the OK becomes a floating playground for the wealthy. The 479-footer touts approximately 32,292 square feet of open deck space for people to enjoy. Its logistics outline and functionalities remain intact.

In fact, it’s now a defining feature that bumps its capabilities beyond what others in its class can deliver. Karmarine Shipyard says the OK cargo deck can accommodate ships smaller than itself, amphibious toys, tenders, seaplanes, and practically everything else you want it to. If it fits, it sits!

A 40-ton crane can load almost anything it can carry, while a deployable ramp at the aft beach club can allow cars to drive up onto the deck. There’s a tennis court, a botanical garden, a sun deck jacuzzi, a pool, an outdoor cinema, and aquariums to keep guests busy.

The OK can accommodate up to twenty people including its crew. “The vision was to create a floating island concept that could hold many toys – even a seaplane or another superyacht – without breaking the powerful outlines of the previous version,” Bozca states.

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OK Wide Shot OK Cargo OK Top View

Images courtesy of Timur Bozca