Nothing says cliffside like Santorini. That’s right — this little Greek paradise has been drawing millions of tourists for decades now. If not its picturesque views of the Aegean Sea, you’ll love the bustling municipality stacked precariously up its steep slopes. They look like beautiful fungi feeding on an organism.

But enough with the poetics. Did you know that an architectural firm called Kapsimalis Architect converted the legendary Oia Castle (an old late 19th century residence) into a luxury boutique hotel in the Oia village? And guess what? You can totally stay there!

The Oia Luxury Boutique Hotel sits below the hillside of its old medieval castle which overlooks the sea. It offers you spectacular views of sunsets, and where else but Santorini can sunset-watching be more perfect?

The architects recreated the suites and villas with modern day amenities, but took great care infusing it with Greece’s romantic past. They used local volcanic stone for the hotel’s key foundational pillars and walls, which, when combined with the castle’s coal wooden frames and brown plaster facades, balances out the light exteriors with a warm interior colur palette.

On the ground floor, you’ll find a wood-burning oven, warehouse, and a rainwater tank. There are only three rooms in the hotel, unfortunately, so you better book one quick if you want to nab a schedule. Each room has their own independent entrance and garden area, as well as lounge space. There’s also a communal lounge area for all the hotel guests to relax. You can check out more photos below.


Photos courtesy of Oia Luxury Boutique Hotel