Camper trailers are great to have when you regularly head out to the great outdoors. No need to pitch a tent on the ground, when you can enjoy the creature comforts of a motorhome. However, an Australian manufacturer introduces a different type of platform that lets you haul compact recreational machines and motorcycles as well. This is the Ryder!

Depending on the size of the bed, pickup trucks can practically do the same. However, Offline Campers, intends to supply us with a versatile alternative. Since some adventure enthusiasts might own SUVs and other types of vehicles with a capable towing capacity, this is where the Ryder comes in.

This is the group’s latest offering and is a perfect add-on for folks who want to bring their two-wheelers along. To deliver exceptional durability, the chassis is hot dip galvanized and features heavy-duty components. It’s ready to tackle the trails with its robust suspension system, ARK XO750 jockey wheels, and 12” electric brakes.

The Ryder even includes an underslung spare wheel holder just in case. The top sports a tread plate tray for your motorcycles and more. Meanwhile, its sturdy tubular frame and roof rack holds a pop-up tent with an integrated solar panel on the top hard shell. A telescoping ladder makes it easy to access as well.

The Ryder packs a full stainless-steel kitchen, a 105-liter rear water tank with a high-flow pump, and a shower outlet. You also get 2,000 liters of general storage space for your gear and more. Retractable awnings on each side provide protection from the elements. Offline Campers prices the standard trim at $53,300.

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Images courtesy of Offline Campers