Here at Men’s Gear, we love writing about all kinds of cars. Heck, most of what we publish here are often fictional ones, or in other words, concept cars. This one, from an incredible Estonian artist called Rain Prisk, reimagines the Bugatti Chiron as an off-road beast. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Seriously, just look at the photo above. Believe us, we’re just as vehemently wishing it’s actually a real car as you are.

Impressive as the Bugatti Chiron may already be, the supercar isn’t meant for off-road adventures. Which is why Prisk applied some enhancements on the million-dollar vehicle for it to be able to chart the harshest terrain and come out unscathed.

Notional as these enhancements may be, Prisk’s handiwork is still quite fascinating. In fact, it’s on par with most of the artist’s renderings, which are usually monster versions of production cars, complete with beefed-up wheels and suspensions. For this particular project, Prisk gave the Bugatti Chiron a winch and roof rack, and it looks stunning.

We hope Bugatti’s research and development team stumbles upon this work by Prisk, because it’s too gorgeous to pass up. This being a concept, it’s hard to ascertain whether the design is feasible. And we can only imagine how hard it will be to engineer a car that’s as slick and curvaceous as this one.

The rear details in black are particularly interesting to ponder construction-wise, and suppose Bugatti does take up the challenge and attempts to produce a car just like this one, it would be interesting how they’ll approach the tiny little details that make this design a punch above other off-roaders.