Oceaya provides the “world’s first exclusive and untethered entertainment experience” that aims to revolutionize entertainment and hospitality with sustainability at its core. A collaborative project of Waterstudio.NL and Prospect Design International and engineered by MEYER Floating Solutions, it’s the world’s first floating transformable entertainment venue set to operate in 2025.

The concept is a a modular, multi-purpose structure that offers dynamic experiences for guests as it is designed to seamlessly travel across several destinations across the globe during high seasons. It offers diverse activities and amenities, including a nightclub, cinema, a lounge, restaurant, and more. 

Oceaya boasts limitless design and functionality with a scale that ranges from 4,000 square feet/370 square meter to over 12,000 square feet/1,115 square meter. Its founder, Daniels Ikajevs, envisions Oceaya as “a testament to limitless design and entertainment possibilities.” It’s designed to “drift along the brink of the horizon to where organic symmetry incepts serenity.”

The structure is designed “with aquatic elements” and “crafted with sustainable and organic materials to provide holistic comfort surrounded by architectural complexity.” It renders soft exterior lines that exude calmness, completeness, and boundless luxury. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy relaxing and sophisticated open-air layout with 360° views of endless seascapes and sunsets.

Moreover, Oceaya will aid access for researchers and fund projects that combat climate change, sea-level rise, and preserving marine life. Ikajevs also hints at future venues that promise new, unimaginable, and immersive experiences across Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. 

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Images courtesy of Oceaya