If you’re following the news, leading experts in research about climate change are expressing concern over the state of our planet. In fact, they warn that if we do not strive to reduce our carbon footprint, melting ice from polar regions will eventually cause sea levels to rise. In case this happens, solutions offered by the likes of the Oceanix Busan seem like a feasible option.

This proposal comes from SAMOO, Oceanix, and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). As you can already glean from the name, this cutting-edge climate-resistant infrastructure will float off the seas of Busan. Other notable partners in this fascinating venture are the Busan Metropolitan City and UN-Habitat.

Once the development of the Oceanix Busan is complete, it will be the world’s first prototype floating city. Its success would benefit areas that are likely to flood when water levels go up in the future. It will feature interconnecting platforms that can support low-rise structures.

Initially, they are aiming for three floating and modular systems that can host approximately 12,000 residents. Over time, they envision additional expansions to accommodate even more people and businesses.

BIG’s creative direction Bjarke Ingels states, “creating a connection between the city and the seaside, Oceanix Busan will expand this spirit onto the waterfront.” Each 322,917-430,556 square-foot area will hold a mix of tourist attractions, residences, and research centers.

Bridges will link the platforms while power is generated independently off the grid. How the latter works is not yet clear, but underwater and wind turbines are the most likely options. Oceanix Busan will likewise feature its own water treatment, recycling, and agriculture systems.

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Images courtesy of Oceanix Busan