The Solstice from Ocaso Knives is the epitome of Ocaso’s commitment to executive knife excellence. It’s the perfect gentleman’s knife with a performance that complements its sleek, modern, and elegant silhouette. 

Designed by renowned custom knifemaker Andrew Demko, this folder is lightweight and discreet you’d never know it hides a blade when clipped to your front shirt pocket or suit pocket. This folder was made exactly to Demko’s standards and crafted from only the highest quality materials to ensure its top form and function.

The Solstice features a blade constructed from American-made premium Crucible S35VN steel, a high-end steel known for its remarkable wear resistance and durability. The blade comes in a black PVD finish in a straight back style. Meanwhile, the handle is from black aerospace  titanium for a sleek look and lightweight feel. Titanium also has a high strength-to-density ratio. 

Moreover, this flipper knife features solid 3k woven carbon fiber, known for being as strong as steel but lighter. It reflects light and gives the knife an unmatched air of elegance. Then there’s the stainless steel caged bearings for fast and smooth blade deployment. 

The Solstice is available in three blade types: harpoon, straight, or Wharncliffe and has optional carbon fiber handles. It includes Ocaso Knives’ signature fold-over ambidextrous stainless steel deep carry pocket clip that wraps around the handle for a smooth and sleek appearance. It is also now available in four precisely laser-engraved handle patterns and two blade finishes so you get a truly timeless pocket knife that’s just 7.8″ long (blade is 3.5″ long and .12″ thick) and weighs just 2.5 oz. 

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Images courtesy of Ocaso Knives