If you ever have a fantasy of knocking someone out but too scared to make it come true, then perhaps you can try practicing your fist power first. The Object Rights Knuckle Juicer lets you do so but on citrus fruits.

This kitchen tool takes a unique and creative approach to getting that much-needed juice out of lemons. limes and oranges. This is a keeper and one that you might find handy not just as a kitchen tool.

This juicer, as you can imagine, features the finger holes of your typical knuckle duster. This allows for an easy and quick juicing process since you have all fingers exerting pressure. Suffice to say, it provides an ergonomic handle and a better grip. It provides an unconventional take on the common kitchen and bar tool.

Aside from the knuckle duster, the Object Rights Knuckle Juicer comes paired with a conventional reamer head. Where this piece of kitchen item stands out from its kind is its construction. You can have it in two styles: either in handmade ceramic glazed in gold or ivory or in 3D printed PLA in various colors. The 3D printed version is available in yellow, green, or gray food-safe coating.

The Object Rights Knuckle Juicer promises to be tough on lemons and limes. It definitely looks sturdy enough to handle a beating. Perhaps even strong enough to handle not just lemons, limes or other fruits. It can work as a self-defense tool too. The manufacturers assure that their juicer is also tough on kitchen intruders and intruding strangers in general.

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Object Rights Knuckle Juicer

Object Rights Knuckle Juicer

Object Rights Knuckle Juicer

Images courtesy of Object Rights