Oaks Bottom Forge Alpine Knives 3

Made over an open forge and hammered “one heirloom at a time,” the Alpine Knives by Oaks Bottom Forge ($480) are some of the finest camping and everyday carry blades you’ll ever find.

Mixing skilled craftsmanship with age-old techniques, each knife features a 4.15″ long blade made out of brand new O1 high carbon tool steel (used for making edge tools & turning tools), with excellent durability, toughness and edge holding ability. The handles have mosaic pins and are made of hand-selected reclaimed wood, with beautiful grain patterns & coloration. With a total length of 8″ (20 cm), the gorgeous Alpine knives are the perfect size for day-to-day jobs, arrive with matching leather sheaths, and are fully customizable. Hand-crafted in Portland, OR, USA.

Oaks Bottom Forge Alpine Knives 2

Oaks Bottom Forge Alpine Knives 1