Oakley introduced one of its undoubtedly striking frames to date to the Tokyo Olympics with the XEUS_AG Sunglasses. Now, you too can cop a pair of these cool shades as the eyewear company is bringing it to the masses. 

Stylish, elegant, and timeless. A pair of Oakley glasses always brings out your inner “cool” no matter what you wear. They are versatile eyewear that looks good with just about anything even when you’re in a suit and tie. But with polarized lenses, are ideal for performance wear.

The XEUS_AG Sunglasses, for one, are “inspired by the internal reflections one experiences while on the journey to seek strength from within.” It features a silver colorway with the “AG” in its name coming from the chemical symbol for silver. Then XEUS melds the innovative lens shape of Oakley Kato, enabled by PhysioMorphic Geometry, providing optimized coverage and frame retention.

Its design takes influences from the kabuto of samurai to create a disruptive design that makes a statement. Meanwhile, there’s the frameless architecture that features a revolutionary lens design. The shape conforms to the contours of the face for a seamless, elegant look. 

The  XEUS_AG Sunglasses also comes with an extended wrap and built-in rigidity in key areas that mimic the structural properties of a frame. Then there’s Oakley’s Prizm lens technology, engineered to increase color and contrast so you can see more detail. Then couple that with Alt Iridium lens coating for a unique look. These shades also come with several Unobtainium nosepads in different thicknesses and depths for the perfect fit with a non-slip grip and a one-of-a-kind display case.

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Images courtesy of Oakley