Sometimes, companies manage to create a product that was so ahead of its time that it either becomes a flop or a hit. Thankfully, Oakley is no stranger to pushing its aesthetics beyond the norm at any given time. Always the forward thinkers when it comes to design, they now revisit an avant-garde silhouette from 1992. Meet the Sub Zero!

Many of Oakley’s shades and prescription frames remain timeless favorites. However, it doesn’t mean everything they come up with is well received. There are times when their attempts at innovation result in a horrible mess. Nevertheless, their successful ventures far exceed their failures.  

Some consider the Sub Zero one of those misses, but this limited-edition reissue means people’s tastes are catching up to what the company envisioned decades ago. What do you think? Anyway, these now ship with upgrades that deliver comfort, performance, protection, and good looks.

The manufacturer states that their Prizm Lens Technology enhances contrast and color. We all know that the regular tint on most sunglasses can mess with how our eyes perceive details. Therefore, the Sub Zero is not only engineered to reflect UV rays but to keep the user’s vision as optimal as possible.

Aside from the cutting-edge optics, the shield lens outline features the brand’s patented material. What it calls Unobtainium is on the nose pads and temples to keep the O Matter frame firmly in place. Finally, there are four variants to suit every taste. As with any major launch, Oakley is marketing the Sub Zero with the help of athletes like Aori Nishimura, Andre de Grasse, and Aaron Jones.

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Images courtesy of Oakley