Oakley’s Flex Scape may not be everyone’s preferred design but it certainly is for those who like a progressive style. It easily transitions from sunglasses to goggles, or vice versa, with a few snap and slide action. 

The design draws inspiration from the brand’s goggle DNA and its history of exploration and experimentation. George Yoo, Lead Designer, said the main idea was to make it Oakley’s first hybrid google piece that uses lens Physiomorphic Geometry and enables the user to adapt to their environment. As such, it can be worn with or without strap or temples.

Casey Lee, Senior Design Engineer, likewise told ISPO that they wanted to emphasize Oakley’s Flex Scape as an Oakley product when they started working on how to make it convertible from a goggle to a sunglass or even something in between. They were aiming for something that’s “well-designed, robust, sturdy, with a simple and intuitive user experience.”

They then came up with the slide and snap idea which went through dozens of iterations to ensure a smooth installation and removal process. The team likewise opted for purpose-built lens design that conforms to the contours of the face and provides wide field of view while being adaptable to different weather conditions. 

Oakley’s Flex Scape also incorporates a tool-less and intuitive locking element so it can easily switch purpose. Lee said the snap alone had to go through several rigorous testing to ensure it stays solid from the removal force to the audible click. Then came the other protective features including having either Oakley’s Prizm Snow Sapphire lens or a Prizm 24k lens, for enhanced contrast and clarity in varied snow conditions. The lens has an anti-fog coating and protects from both impacts and UV rays. This design is set for release in October 2024 and also comes with three different nose pieces to fit various face shapes. 

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Images courtesy of Oakley