When you’re new to something, it’s always a good practice to seek advice from seasoned veterans. For example, with the ongoing popularity of cycling, most newbies think all they need is a top-notch ride and everything should be smooth sailing moving forward. However, never compromise safety and invest in reliable protective gear — especially helmets. Oakley recently launched the AR07 geared for every skill level.

The product page says it is, “the weapon of choice for time trials and triathlons, AR07 is crafted with aerodynamic engineering, and inspired by racecar forms.” We’re not about to argue with the manufacturer, but it does not mean those new to the scene shouldn’t purchase it. Anyway, think of it as a reason for you to strive to improve and compete in the future.

Like other modern helmets, Oakley opts for the best features to prevent life-threatening injuries. As such, underneath the sleek shell is a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS). As the official description notes, it is  “a helmet integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain during an impact.”

Another exclusive feature of the AR07 is the detachable PLUTONITE VISORS Prizm Road. Not only does it deflect air or debris that can hit the eye, but it provides enhanced clarity, contrast, and color. When not in use, it stows magnetically on the helmet. Oakley also supplies a clear version of the visor in the package.

No need to fiddle around with traditional straps as the BOA 360 FIT SYSTEM dials in the ideal fit. For added comfort, the interior of the AR07 is fitted with X-STATIC BROW PADDING. Infused with silver, the fabric remains odor-free. Then there’s the FIDLOCK BUCKLE for an easy magnetic closure. Currently, this helmet is only available in black.

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Images courtesy of Oakley