As whiskey drinkers, it’s essential to sample as many brands as you can to find the blend that suits your tastes. Although some already have favorites, keep on trying more, because distilleries regularly come up with new expressions. For the rest who prefer something completely curated to their preferences, Oak & Eden presents the Whiskey Customizer service.

Just as it says, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for enthusiasts of the spirit. It’s surprising just how much the distillery offers when it comes to choices. However, there are certain aspects of the process that they regulate for the sake of quality. Meanwhile, the rest is in the buyers’ hands as they pick what goes into their booze.

The Whiskey Customizer starts off with a fine selection, albeit limited to four.  You have bourbon, four grain bourbon, wheated bourbon, and rye. The initial profiles for reference are sweet/bold, deep/complex, smooth/creamy, and spicy/rich, respectively. Next, is to choose just how strong you like it either at 90 proof (45% abv) or 114 proof (57% abv).

Since traditionally aging the spirit is out of the question here, Oak & Eden will drop in a spire of American oak or French oak. The former imbues your whiskey with a sweet and toasty finish, while the latter makes it floral and peppery. Then there’s the Whiskey Customizer’s final step numbering up to 11 infusions.

The list includes honey, coffee, rum, port wine, cabernet, maple syrup, orange liqueur, pineapple liqueur, grapefruit, liqueur, blackberry liqueur, and vanilla. Lastly, clients can also design the bottle label. According to co-founder & CMO Brad Neathery, “the launch of Whiskey Customizer allows our customers to unleash their creative spirit, one bottle at a time, in a way that has never existed before.”

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Images courtesy of Oak & Eden