Even if you’re new to the delightful world of whiskeys, there is a huge selection of remarkable blends to start your collection with. We recommend sampling spirits crafted in various regions and by renowned distilleries to nail down what pleases your palate. However, those with an unlimited budget at their disposal should secure a bottle or two of the Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Chapter Five.

Some distilleries have withstood the test of time and established recipes that went on to become staples in every bar and home. These drinks are shared among friends and family to celebrate important occasions and major milestones.

Once a label has built a solid reputation over the years, what follows are limited-edition releases like this 49-year-old expression by Middleton Very Rare. Christened the Silent Distillery Chapter Five, it’s the fifth installment in what would hopefully be a long-running tradition.

A short snippet from the official product page describes it as “the penultimate opportunity for whiskey lovers to experience the Silent Distillery collection crafted from the old Midleton Distillery.” Reports tell us the Silent Distillery Chapter Five is the oldest whiskey to date from the brand.

The man behind the blend is Master Distiller Max Crockett who curated the special spirit in 1973. Interestingly he used what was recognized as the “world’s largest pot still” and billed by others as the “7th wonder of the whiskey world.” Close to half a century later, it is bottled at 52.4% ABV in bespoke handcrafted decanters.

Tasting notes shared by Midleton Very Rare details aromas of treacle toffee, white pepper, vanilla, heather honey, sugar-glazed almonds, worn leather, antique wood, apricot, peach, and dates. A sip releases essences of dark chocolate, spice, toffee apple, caramel, citrus, herbal tea, and oak. The Silent Distillery Chapter Five retails for approximately $55,000.

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Images courtesy of Midleton Very Rare