We have been lauding WhistlePig’s creations as some of the best American whiskey you can sample. In fact, it and other labels have been regularly recognized as responsible for the uptick in rye whiskey consumption. Unfortunately, founder Raj Bhakta left the company he founded in 2019 to pursue another venture. The move eventually led to another unique offering aptly called the Bhakta 1928.

As alluded to by reports, his exodus from WhistlePig did little to sway his interest in spirits. Instead, he invested in something extremely likely to delight those who hold his acumen for alcohol in high regard. He took over ownership of a brandy cellar in Condom, France and got to work on a bold new expression.

The Bhakta 1928 is a curious blend of XO Calvados, the Armagnac from 1868, and rye whiskey. A detailed breakdown shows the portions as 30%, 10%, and 60%, respectively. Interestingly, the various vintages of the brandy include 1928, 1941, 1962, 1973, and 1996. The mixture is then finished in virgin French oak casks.

We have yet to personally sample a sip of this fascinating concoction, but the reputation of the individual behind the formulation tells us all we need to know. However, tasting notes indicate a nose of vanilla, custard, and caramel. Vanilla, oak, and spice are purportedly dominant on the palate. A bottle of Bhakta 1928 retails for around $70.

“Beginning with a base rye superior to almost any I’ve created before, Bhakta 1928 finally achieves the dream of whiskey, perfected—through the transubstantiation granted by a magic touch of 1928 Armagnac,” stated Raj. “Isn’t it time we brought back the spirit of the Roaring Twenties? Let the new boom times begin.”

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Images courtesy of Bhakta Spirits