If you’re into kayaking, and love traditional craftsmanship, you’ll certainly dig this one. The O Six Hundred Kayak ($ 1,490) blends a 4,000 year old design with modern materials, resulting in an original and beautiful water craft.

Using the same Bronze Age technique as the one employed by the Inuit people ( indigenous folk which inhabited the Arctic regions ), this kayak features a wooden skeleton, but this time the cover is not made of animal skins. Instead, the frame – composed of strong pine plywood ribs and and cedar spines – is protected by a tough and waterproof translucent carbon fabric. A total of 30 pieces make up the frame, which you will need to put together, but don’t worry- the whole thing is said to be easy to set up. Built in Australia, the O Six Hundred Kayak measures 12.1 feet long by 2.16 ft wide, and it weights an incredible 22 pounds. Whacko!

O Six Hundred Kayak 1

O Six Hundred Kayak 2

O Six Hundred Kayak 3

O Six Hundred Kayak 4

O Six Hundred Kayak 5

O Six Hundred Kayak 6