The Igloo House by NVI Domes lets you glamp in style and comfort in any terrain. This futuristic-looking home offers a spacious interior and protection from the elements whether that be in a snowy region, by the lake or river, or in the woods.

Nikita Kupryienka designed the home to blend seamlessly with any landscape. It stands out with its reflective dome structure, achieved by using energy-efficient double-glazed (4-16Ar-4) windows. But the interior provides full transparency of the outside scenery. 

This home is built to withstand any weather conditions by using a combination of glass, wood, and metal integrated with high thermal insulation and UV protection. The mirrored windows help reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Meanwhile, the facade of the Igloo House is made of recyclable 4mm aluminum composite panels (ACPs), which are composite materials made of two thin aluminum sheets sandwiching a core material, typically made of polyethylene or mineral-filled core.

ACPs are lightweight, making the house easy to install, transport and handle. They also provide excellent resistance to fire, impact, weathering, and corrosion, and are easy to clean with just soap and water.

Moreover, the geodesic design of the Igloo House allows for natural ventilation and airflow. The interior also comes with multiple openings and triangular shapes (with lower and upper vents working to create a natural draft that aids in the continuous flow of fresh air to remove stale air and moisture and regulate interior temperature).

The Igloo House also used CNC-machined 6mm thick plywood for the interior wall finishing. And in terms of interior space, this home stands 4 meters tall with a diameter of 6 meters and an area of 28 square meters. It has a bedroom, a kitchen with a sink, and a bathroom with a toilet.

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Images courtesy of NVI Domes