It’s a fact that interest and technology surrounding space travel is surging, we are seeing remarkable concepts and proposals from various industries. While most of these ideas are for trips to the moon, others have their goals set for the Red Planet. ABIBOO Studio, on the other hands, is sharing its vision of the Nüwa Martian City.

It might seem outrageous for now, but it could serve as an inspiration for future interplanetary ventures. Experts will tell you that the oceans are the final frontier on our planet, but others have their sights elsewhere. NASA – along with various organizations – are already considering a lunar colony.

Moreover, one company plans to use reusable rocket platforms similar to SpaceX to build the world’s first space hotel – the Voyager Station. Almost every brilliant mind out there are now studying how to send people to Mars and bring them back.

AIBIBOO Studio’s Nüwa Martian City concept is part of the ongoing contest hosted by The Mars Society. The credit for this exciting initiative comes from SONet—wherein the founder of the design studio is also a co-founder and board member.

If ever the Nüwa Martian City becomes reality, it is in line with Tesla boss Elon Musk’s goal to colonize Mars. It will be situated at Tempe Mensa and will develop up to 600 million square feet of livable space. The bulk of the installation will be within the Martian cliffs.

Other parts of the colony will be in areas that can source water which is typically frozen on the planet. Up to 250,000 inhabitants can live comfortably in the Nüwa Martian City. At its core, ABIBOO Studio wants to focus on sustainability. Therefore, it will dedicate some sections to food production and energy generation.

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All images courtesy of ABIBOO Studio/SONet