The NUVELON Flare lantern speaker streams or plays music sans cables, batteries, and Wi-Fi connections. Instead, it uses Bluetooth to provide ten hours of playtime.

This speaker boasts 15 watts of audio power that can rival, or better yet, replace any boom box. It features four separate bass and dynamic drivers for crystal clear sound and pounding beats without distortion and with minimal vibration. It provides superior sound quality that can penetrate through walls, making it the perfect media entertainment gadget for parties and gatherings.

Its extended range wireless technology allows for a multi-room audio experience without the need for cumbersome wires and time-consuming setups. This portable audio device allows syncing of up to 100 Flare speakers up to 50 feet apart. Speakers don’t need to be re-synced when powered down or connected to a different device.

When the speaker is out of range for five minutes, it goes into sleep mode to preserve battery. It uses a rechargeable battery with a 6600 mAH capacity that reaches full charge after three hours of charging.

It also features an attractive color-changing LED light that ranges from serene glows to pulsing rhythms and which you can time from two to eight hours of light show duration.

The NUVELON Flare lantern speaker provides both indoor and outdoor audio entertainment. It is IPX5 splash-resistant and built with aluminum and Plexiglass for durability.

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Photos Courtesy of Nuvelon