With the aid of advanced software and a healthy dose of unbridled imagination, artists can create practically anything. To illustrate, we have the menacing machine envisioned by Sadegh Faramarzii. At a glance, it may look like another aggressively futuristic motorcycle that would feel at home in dystopian urban landscapes. Nonetheless, there’s more to the Nuke Tactical Superbike than just aesthetics.

We initially assumed that this was just another two-wheeler that has been given a sci-fi makeover. However, it seems the man behind this project wants it to live up to the name. You see, instead of hydrogen fuel cells or battery-electric systems, this bad boy runs on nuclear energy.

This makes us glad that the Nuke Tactical Superbike exists as a render only. It somehow reminds us of another wild concept we featured before called the Sky Cruise, which also relies on radioactive materials for power. Still, we’d gladly pick this moto over the aircraft anytime.

Let’s just pretend that scientists have finally unlocked the secrets to cold fusion, which virtually renders this motorcycle safe. The Nuke Tactical Superbike flaunts a muscular body with geometric surfaces distributed evenly from tip to tail. Only after the removal of its fairings will the frame reveal an extra wheel.

Even without its protective shell, the Nuke Tactical Superbike looks sleek and sexy. Every articulating part appears beefy and can withstand the roughest of rides. Furthermore, the wheels appear to be wrapped in what could be airless tires or tank treads shaped like it. Can you imagine revving this monster and holding on to dear life when it zooms forward like a wild beast?

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Images courtesy of Sadegh Faramarzii