Swedish clothing brand Nudie Jeans has just released a new, limited edition line of denim jeans called the Indigo Bloodline ($333), to celebrate their 15th anniversary. While the company specializes in raw and prewashed jeans, their latest collection is not your wild west denim.

The Bloodline is created using Japanese selvedge denim crafted from cotton, paper, hemp, and bamboo for a unique feel and extra durable wear. The dry hemp selvedge is 42% hemp/58% cotton for a more natural, organic feel, while the dry bamboo selvedge is 17% bamboo linen that is woven with the cotton in a completely non-chemical process for eco-friendly construction. The paper content of the dry paper selvedge is 31% and helps create the heaviest feeling material of the three styles and features the tightest weave. They are all dyed with dark redcast natural indigo.

Each jean is individually numbered and comes in a custom box along with a book detailing all the Nudie Jeans from the past and present. If you want a complete Indigo Bloodline wardrobe, there is also a selvedge jacket made with the dry hemp denim.