There’s just something classy in storing your favorite spirits in a special decanter. It calls for a certain kind of finesse in the pouring and even the drinking process. Take for instance the NUDE Glass Alba Whiskey Bottle that boasts a sleek and elegant silhouette. 

So pure and clear is the craftmanship that you can probably see through the contents itself. It shows off the rich golden color of your whiskey. Handmade in Turkey, this whiskey bottle is minimalist in design but guaranteed strong it can last for years. It features a short and sturdy heavy bottom with a hand-engraved tartan pattern on the base for a unique and elevated look.  

Moreover, the carafe tapers towards the brim to ensure the preservation of the aroma and flavor of your favorite drink. Adding to its elegantly beautiful aesthetic is the circular marble stopper that slightly tilts in the neck. 

The NUDE Glass Alba Whiskey Bottle is made only with the finest and safe materials. It is made from pure, lead-free crystalline glass that has minerals that strengthen the glass. It can hold 60 ¾ oz. of liquid and doesn’t take up much space on your bar cart. This bottle sits nicely in the hands with a height of 7 ¾ inches, a diameter of 6⅓ inches, and a weight of 2.14 kg.    

Designed by artisan Joe Doucet, the NUDE Glass Alba Whiskey Bottle certainly makes a stunning addition to your bar. It also makes a great gift on Father’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or birthdays. This decanter makes your favorite bottle of whiskey look as good as it tastes. 

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Images courtesy of NUDE