With so many whiskey releases in the last couple of months, it’s difficult to keep track of what to sample. Luckily, we keep tabs on some of the more outstanding expressions that recently came out. Now that you’ve likely stocked up on several premium blends, it’s time to upgrade your barware. Like NUDE’s Alba whiskey glass.

The group behind the luxe crystalware is based in Turkey and prides itself in handmade glass products. Buyers can expect top-notch quality and characteristics most cost-effective options don’t have. NUDE is currently offering the Alba whiskey glass in sets of two, which is perfect for folks who prefer not to imbibe solo.

Each drinking vessel is crafted out of lead-free crystal with a thick base. The heavy-set design not only keeps it stable but also helps retain the ideal temperature of your beverage. The product page notes that the man behind its minimalist yet striking presentation is renowned designer Joe Ducet.

Its description says the Alba “pays tribute to Scotland — the spiritual home of whisky — with its cleverly deconstructed and hand engraved tartan pattern.” Nevertheless, you need to be really up close and personal with the whiskey glass to view the intricate textures, which enhances its appeal.

The rim also tapers gently so you can enjoy the aroma of the spirit as you swirl it around before a sip. Enjoy your favorite blends neat, on the rocks, or as a cocktail with NUDE’s Alba whiskey glasses. It measures 3.5” high and 3.25” in diameter with a capacity of around 8.75 ounces. If you’re grabbing a pair, might as well go for the matching decanter.

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Images courtesy of NUDE