Our fascination with products that integrate transparent materials into their design remains just as strong as that with magnets. Consider the Nothing Phone (1) and Ear (1), which took the tech industry by storm in 2022. Since we just can’t get enough of see-through stuff, a concept motorcycle dubbed the Nu’Clear needs to hit the streets for real.

Leave it up to designers like Mikhail Smolyanov to come up with a unique approach which gives this bike massive style points. At first glance, the Nu’Clear looks straight out of a sci-fi movie with its crystal body which gives us a view of the frame and components within. This is project LEO Brutal Motorcycle.

With its futuristic profile, you would assume that the two-wheeler runs on an electric powertrain. According to the man behind its creation, it can accommodate a traditional combustion engine or a battery-electric unit instead. This versatility is a unique selling point if ever this bad boy makes it into production.

Interestingly, what we initially thought was acrylic, is apparently bullet-proof glass. In order for the Nu’Clear to withstand daily use without breaking, it needs something durable but with transparent properties. The renders hint at its use of a hub-center steering mechanism with see-through rims on each end.

“The action fuel tank is transparent with blue LED backlighting emulating Cherenkov radiation,” says Smolyanov. The rest of the Nu’Clear uses steel such as the subframe, handlebars, and brake rotors, among others. In other related news, Nothing is planning to launch a follow-up to its handset but this time equip it with flagship specs.

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Images courtesy of Mikhail Smolyanov