The Noxgear Tracer2 adds visibility and protection while you’re out running, cycling, commuting, or walking your dog at night. More than just a series of LED lights, it is ideal for both cold and hot temperatures so you stay protected all the time. It even features changing colors to match your mood. 

This safety gear gives you 360° visibility up to a quarter mile using powerful multi-color LED fiber optics paired with ultra-reflective 3M patterns and a fluorescent chest band. It helps alert oncoming traffic of your presence and even in the glare of headlights. It even offers color personalization so you can match it according to your mood. 

The Noxgear Tracer2 has eight multi-color flashing modes that are scientifically proven to stand out and catch people’s attention. Then there is also the option to choose a solid color of your preference or the new dual-blend color mode. 

Unlike other wearable LED gear, this one guarantees longer illumination. It uses a patented technology that ensures your vest stays ultra-bright and ultra-visible for long periods of use even on a low battery. Speaking of battery, this gear comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours. 

Best of all, it is IP67 waterproof so it can withstand splashes, snow, and accidental submersions. It is also featherweight at just 7oz so it doesn’t hamper your movements or weigh you down on the front. The Noxgear Tracer2 even features an adjustable and elastic chest belt so it can fit over jackets or coats and even over small everyday carry accessories like hydration packs. 

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Images courtesy of Noxgear