Since it was first teased, Nothing’s phone (1) has ridden the hype to a successful launch. To date, the handset’s unique Glyph Interface and striking transparent design continue to fascinate consumers. Now, the company follows up with another hardware release in the form of the ear (stick). These TWS buds offer better integration with the smartphone with some caveats.

Firstly, the new model still sports the iconic see-through motif Nothing applies to its lineup. We are confident its future offerings will embody this distinct style. In fact, there are other commercial products also showcasing a similar appeal like the Shargeek Storm2 power bank and Gearbox Automatic Turntable MKII.

Nevertheless, the transparent device theme will likely be synonymous with Nothing for the foreseeable future. The ear (stick) basically rehashes the aesthetics of the ear (1) but introduces some changes to its specifications and features. Each bud houses a 12.6 mm dynamic driver, which is bigger than the 11.8 mm units on its predecessor.

Now that the Nothing phone (1) is out, the manufacturer optimizes the functions of the ear (stick) for intuitive controls. Tweak settings directly via the companion app and seamlessly connect with other OEM android devices via the Fast Pair technology. Launch your favorite games and the system automatically switches to low latency mode for lag-free immersive audio.

Nothing also reworks the form factor of the charging case. It’s no longer a square with rounded corners but more cylindrical. This tube-like container features a cutout where you can access the ear (stick) buds with a quick twist. We find it more secure than your typical clamshell options that can pop open when dropped. Battery life is seven hours plus another 22 hours with the charging case.

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Images courtesy of Nothing