Apple might no longer hold the top spot when it comes to smartphones, but the rest of its catalog still outsells the competition. Aside from its smartwatch, the brand’s AirPods have made true wireless earphones ubiquitous. This means we now have more options available. So, if you’re grabbing one sooner or later, Nothing is now offering the ear (1) in two colorways.

As tech aficionados, we’re always curious to see the inner workings of our gadgets. Thankfully, some manufacturers occasionally release transparent special editions of their products. We’ve seen it on handheld consoles, controllers, gaming systems, and even on smartphones. Nothing understands this quirk which is why its TWS earphones are see-through.

We want to point out that the quality and craftsmanship on the ear (1) is superb. The material does not look gaudy at all. In fact, they want us to have a clear view of everything beneath the glossy shell. There’s a slight cyberpunk vibe going on here as the exposed sections make it seem futuristic.

At only 4.7 grams each, you’ll barely feel that they’re on. Inside are 11.6-mm drivers tuned by Teenage Engineering. To compete with other flagship TWS models out there, the ear (1) packs active noise cancelling technology for immersive listening sessions. With a touch of a button engage transparent mode to hear the world around you.

Then there are three high-definition mics equipped with Clear Voice Technology. Advanced algorithms filter out unwanted sounds, so your voice sounds sharp over the line. Nothing extends the theme to the charging case. Just like the TWS characteristics of the ear (1), it supports wireless charging. Keep them on even during your workouts as they are IPX4-rated against moisture.

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Images courtesy of Nothing