We know it’s customary for some of our readers to go on vacation during summer. With international travel in full swing, no destination is out of reach for those with deep pockets. For those of you curious about what else Japan has to offer, the NOT A HOTEL Setouchi. As it says, this is unlike the usual lodgings where people can just book a stay on a whim.

For starters, this establishment is nowhere near the most popular tourist hotspots. Instead, we need to head over to a more remote location — Sagishima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture. Its development and overall design were overseen by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Previewed earlier this year, it’s slated to open its doors soon.

The three-villa NOT A HOTEL Setouchi imposes a limit of 36 guests. With spectacular vistas of the Seto Inland Sea, you’ll feel like a VIP invited to an exclusive party on a private island. Spread across eight acres, each structure is named according to the viewing angles it offers.

360 stands at the highest point, while the remaining two are called 270 and 180, respectively. Notable features of the NOT A HOTEL Setouchi include rammed earth walls, sliding glass facades, Genshoseki natural slate flooring, and photovoltaic panels shaped like the traditional roofing tiles of homes found in the country. 

To put it simply, the architectural motif is a striking blend of Japanese and Scandinavian. Each of the three villas holds four bedrooms and a private sauna. Meanwhile, the layout and amenities available also vary depending on the buildings. For sustainability, the NOT A HOTEL Setouchi relies on solar energy, rainwater, and overhangs to minimize its environmental impact.

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Images courtesy of NOT A HOTEL