The V4SV from Norton Motorcycles is one of the sexiest superbikes we have been eyeing for quite some time now. In the true holiday spirit, the shop gifts us with another jaw-dropping follow-up but in a different style. Instead of waiting for aftermarket customizations, they’re doing it themselves by building the V4CR.

Keep in mind, that this model is still in the prototype stages, so just expect to see some changes before the final version goes up for orders. Enthusiasts would know right away what this two-wheeler is all about. Furthermore, you can really see the difference when the manufacturer takes matters into their own hands.

It becomes a café racer that amateur enthusiasts can only hope to build. Meanwhile, the team describes the V4CR as “the rebellious younger brother to the V4SV, sharing the same superbike DNA but differing in attitude and emotion.” Norton Motorcycles know exactly what needs to go and what should stay behind.

One look at the V4CR shows clearly shows a professional’s touch in action. With the fairings out of the way, the café racer directs our attention to the remarkable engineering within. From the massive air intakes to the V4 1200cc 72-degree liquid-cooled engine, this is one aggressive ride. It’s packing 185 horsepower after all.

We also love how they made the polished billet aluminum frame and frame stand out from the rest of its construction. The Norton Motorcycles branding is visible on the engine covers and on each side of the carbon fiber fuel tank. Just below the seat — on a body panel integrated with the subframe — the V4CR badge discreetly peeks out. The establishment is offering this café racer in stealthy Carbon or striking Manx Silver color schemes.

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Images courtesy of Norton Motorcycles.