North Arrow Studio designs a minimal yet bright home in Austin, Texas to help combat housing problems called the Birdhouse. Its name takes after the distinctive round windows in the home, thus making it resemble a birdhouse.

This compact corrugated dwelling occupies 84 square meters yet it manages to span two floors. It shares a 550 square meter lot with a 1939 single-story house and three large pecan trees. The small footprint of the house has minimal land impact and tiptoes around the critical root zones. The dwelling, sitting adjacent to the trees, also benefits from the tree canopies as they provide additional shade and privacy. 

In terms of exterior, the studio opted for sustainable corrugated steel for the siding and roof of the Birdhouse making the home’s cladding 100% recyclable. Using corrugated metal is also an excellent choice to repel heat in the summer, and this benefits the double-vaulted ceiling of the second story main suite.

Meanwhile, large round glass windows dot the interiors for natural lighting. Hence, making the home resemble a birdhouse. There’s a 5-foot round window in the bedroom that can be opened to let air in, a small one in the bathroom, and three round windows in the kitchen and at the entrance. 

The studio manages to make the Birdhouse warm and inviting that hosts a living room, a small and functional kitchenette, and a bathroom on the ground floor. The bedroom on the upper floor offers a spacious feel thanks to its double-vaulted roof. There is even a reading nook tucked away under one of the apexes of the roof. 

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Images courtesy of North Arrow Studio