The Noori V02 Airy is an enameled steel construction that lets you cook up a storm while providing an ambient backdrop to any outdoor setting. It’s a versatile cooking/baking station designed with metal mesh covering for a calming and mesmerizing visual effect.

This is a multi-function outdoor grill, rocket stove, pizza oven, and a firepit in one. It is easy to assemble and requires just one person. Speaking of assembly, it comes in six internal plates to form the innovative AIRY System. This means that to get an open fire, you just need to remove a few refractory plates from inside the cylinder to expose the flames. and you can start reaping off its benefits.

Now when it comes to its features, the Noori V02 Airy comes with a pizza disc to bake pizza. The disc also works with bread, roasters, and oven-suitable containers. Then there is the upper half-moon grill for cooking and the lower “orbital” grill that centralizes the tube of the Rocket System, which is composed of enameled steel tubes, in the refractory body. It also serves to hold the coal during BBQ.

Of course, you can’t bake in an open flame so this cooking gear also comes with a removable lid with a reclaimed wood and steel handle. The lid is also great for BBQ and for smoker functions. Then there’s the convenience of a built-in thermometer that shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit heat temperatures.

In terms of portability, the Noori V02 Airy has four wheels made with carbon steel for ease of transport. There are also side handles. Probably what makes this cooking gear great is its meshed exterior design which gives off a relaxing ambiance using the flame.

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Images courtesy of Noori