The Swiss are masters at more intricate and detailed mechanical devices than just watches. The design house Sapetti has just created what they are calling the Chairless Chair ($NA) as the first of their “wearable ergonomic mechatronic devices”.

The Chairless Chair is a wearable exoskeleton for use by factory and assembly line workers. This adjustable frame provides freedom of movement for standing long periods of time and while walking but when the worker squats, bends, or crouches, it stiffens into instant support. The design of the chair was undertaken by Sapetti working with the engineering firm Zuhlke at various automobile manufacturers like Audi, Daimler, BMW, Renault, and others to determine the most appropriate needs of their workers.

The exoskeleton can be adjusted to fit varying heights and girths of people and is constructed mainly of engineering plastics like polyamide for durability and light weight. This is expected to prevent many physical problems associated with such intense labors so workers can stay on the job longer and be less likely to become injured. Details in the video. [via]