If you’re not claustrophobic and want complete peace and quiet when working, playing, or simply want to be alone, then get yourself a Nook. This is a soundproof booth that caters to your need for personal space whether in a private or public setting.

Say goodbye to outside distractions with this fully-functional room equipped with modern tech. For a connected experience, it has a USB plug and a mains socket to power up your work and play essentials. It even has a height-adjustable desk and a whiteboard for when you’re in complete work mode.

Moreover, the Nook keeps you comfortable despite its small build. It is ventilated thanks to two built-in 12V powered fans that keep the space cool. To make it even more efficient for both work and play, it uses 12V soft LED lights for a long-lasting and safer illumination option.

This plug-and-go booth can accommodate two people. What makes this remarkable is its sustainable quality. It is made with recycled plastic bottles and ethically-certified wood. It also cuts the need for middlemen in the installation process. A couple of helping hands is all it takes to set this up in under an hour.

Moreover, the Nook is flexible so you can take it with you when you move offices or change living spaces. It uses a modular setup so it does not also take up a lot of space no matter where you put it. Turn it into your backyard office pod, or place it in your living room, the office, or even outdoors, if you so wish to work in the company of nature.

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Images courtesy of Nook