There’s nothing like sleeping under a starry sky and waking up to the bright morning sunshine. But urban pollution is always a hindrance unless you sleep on a camping mattress on the roof. Thankfully, there are places that offer respite from the hassle and bustle of city life and provide a safe haven under the stars just like the Nomad’s Pad in the Grand Canyon.

Constructed on a 20-acre lot, this glass pyramid lets you immerse in the beauty of nature during the day and night. It lets you
“become part of the Wild West” where you hear birds chirping in the morning and the coyotes howling at night. Then there’s the whistle of the wind blowing, the aroma of the Pinyon Trees and Juniper Berries, and all that nature has to offer.

Nomad’s Pad is in the concept stage but future guests can choose from one of the ten pyramids planned for the site. Each abode will provide guests unobstructed 360-degree views of their surroundings inside a massive 400-square foot interior. Best of all, each pyramid packs the comfort of home and the convenience of modern technology.

Solar-powered and temperature-controlled glass makes up the pyramid. The clear glass turns opaque at a touch of a button to provide guests privacy. Inside will have air conditioning, luxury linens, a queen-sized bed, and a detached private bathroom and shower. Likewise, guests will have access to complimentary tea and coffee and eco-friendly toiletries.

Meanwhile, outdoor amenities with the Nomad’s Pad include a propane fire pit, a private hot tub, a private patio decked out with lounge furniture, and a hammock. The concept is estimated for an October 2021 opening and guests can reach the site 25 minutes away from the Grand Canyon National Park.

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Images courtesy of Nomad’s Pad