Product designer Alex Gabriel thought about the Nomadic tribe, who move from place to place and hunt for survival when he came up with the design for the Nomad-X Multitool. Meanwhile, the “X” is a reference to the “X” symbol that marks the spot on the map. As such, this everyday carry is designed to be there for you whenever and wherever you need it. 

This predecessor of the Nomad Survival Multitool comes with essential tools that you may need for small indoor or outdoor fixes or for camping. It has an emergency flint wheel fire starter that lights up with one strike, a bottle and box opener, a pry bar, and a chisel. It also has a mini wrench with adapters for nut sizes 6mm, 8mm,10mm, and 12mm. For portability, it comes with a key-chain loop with a split ring so you can attach your keys with it or hook it to a carabiner.  

The Nomad-X Multitool not only looks but also feels robust. That’s thanks to its stainless steel and carbon fiber construction. Meanwhile, the Cerakote finish on the steel protects it from scratches, chipping, and wear, and makes it heat and impact resistant. It ensures this EDC is for all-season use while keeping it smooth on the hands. 

This outdoor tool is available in a selection of colorways that lend to a rugged silhouette. These include Brushed Stainless Steel, Red, Bazooka Green, Glock Blue, Gold, Burnt Bronze, Black, and Stainless Steel. The Nomad-X Multitool is also available in White with Black Distress, Black with Red Splatter, Toxic Green with Red Splatter, and Gun Metal. 

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Images courtesy of Alex Gabriel