Trackers are helpful in locating lost or misplaced possessions. But it can be annoying to forget where you put their chargers. Thankfully, the new Nomad Tracking Card does away with the pesky cables as it recharges wirelessly. 

Nomad beats any of its kind with its wireless capability with any Qi-wireless or MagSafe charging. Simply take the puck you normally slap to the back of your iPhone and set the card on it to begin charging. Additionally, since there’s enough metal in the card it can also be used on standing MagSafe models, like the Nomad Stand. The metal is safe as it doesn’t demagnetize any other cards.  

The Nomad Tracking Card lasts up to five months on a full battery charge. In comparison, the Tile Slim can go up to three years on its non-replaceable rechargeable battery, while an AirTag lasts up to a year on a new battery. 

In terms of design and function, this tracker is impressively thin. It’s as thin as two standard sized credit cards so it discreetly slips into any wallet sans adding any bulk. It has a polycarbonate body featuring a cool design that showcases the charging coils and the NFC chip. It’s also built tough to withstand daily use and is rated IPX7 waterproof and dustproof. This means it can withstand dips in water for up to 30 minutes. 

The Nomad Tracking Card syncs with your Apple account and relies on the Find My App to function. It’s a great alternative to an AirTag as it’s easier to use. Think of it like adding just another credit card in your wallet. The tracker plays a sound to pinpoint its nearby location. It even gives the option to share the tracker with others and sends notification when you accidentally leave it behind.

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Images courtesy of Nomad Goods