Thanks to Apple, true wireless (TWS) earbuds are now the most popular audio products around. Argue all you like, because even if Onkyo was the first to market it, but the AirPods pushed everyone else to follow. Meanwhile, Nocs Design engineered the NS1100 AIR to address the fact that we all hear sound differently. Here’s how it works.

Think of it like the adaptive EQ feature of Apple’s AirPods. However, instead of letting artificial intelligence and computational algorithms tune the earbuds, you have full control over its settings. Nocs Design uses Audiodo Personal Sound technology via a companion app on your smartphone.

Before your first use of the NS1100 AIR, complete the calibration steps to configure the earbuds properly. Using cutting-edge audiometry, it analyzes the nuances of your hearing. Since our ears are unique in shape and sensitivity to sound, a personalized audio profile should make a remarkable difference.

After approximately 3 minutes, Nocs Design believes the TWS earbuds are ready for action. Each bud packs a 9.2-mm graphene driver to produce optimal acoustics even audiophiles won’t complain about. To make your listening experience even more immersive the NS1100 AIR touts hybrid active noise cancellation.

Meanwhile, the Airoha chip enhances the Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode connectivity to ensure low latency and crystal-clear audio. Personal safety is crucial when you’re out in public, so one-touch transparency mode lets you hear your surroundings. Just tap the earbuds again to enable ANC.

The NS110 AIR delivers up to 9 hours of playback plus additional charges from the case for a total of 30 hours. Nocs Design even adds a special nano-coating to give it IPX4 protection against dust and moisture. Don’t be afraid to take it with you outdoors or use it during workouts at the gym

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Images courtesy of Nocs Design